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Complete Home Media Center Using Raspberry Pi Within An Hour.

Well if you are a movies and songs lover , and have a collection of TV shows with you , But you watch them on your Smart Phone or Laptop , And I know that’s too annoying. What if you watch all this stuff at your Big Television Screen Just for Under 4K Inr.(Approx. 50$) With Unlimited Internet Surfing and Even Watching Netflix , Youtube Etc.

So Here is a Complete guide for you to Install And Setup Open Source Media Center (OSMC) Yourself with ZERO Coding Skills Using A Raspberry Pi . I know there are many other ways as well. But , Raspberry Pi can be completely customized and is a very cheap solution for Home Media Center.












What is OSMC  ?

OSMC is an embedded, minimal, self updating Linux distributing which ships a Kodi front-end for a variety of devices. The project was founded by Sam Nazarko in 2014 and is maintained by a group of volunteers in their spare time. It is the best package for building your own Home Media Center . 


  • OSMC is a simple and easy to use OS. It is based on Debian, which means that it has over 30,000 packages available in its repositories which makes it very expansive.
  • OSMC is quick to install. Set up an excellent HTPC experience in just minutes.
  • OSMC is self-updating, which means it keeps getting better each month.
  • OSMC has an applications store which makes adding new features to expand your HTPC experience simple.
  • You can Add your own remote control from its pre-defined list of remote controls.
  • OSMC can be extended further with Apps.
  • OSMC Offers SAMBA , SSH , FTP and TVHeadEnd At Present . 







What You’ll Build In This Series

Well, In this complete Media Center Tutorial , We would be going in a organized way . Each Tut. will be Published in the following pattern-

  1. Get The Required Items .


  1. Building Your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Install And Setup
  3. OSMC On Pi .
  4. Adding Speakers or External Sound Source For Better Experience.
  5. Control OSMC Media Center Using Your SmartPhone or iOS Devices.
  6. Adding Media Through External HDD or Removable Drives.
  7. Setting Up SAMBA and mounting your drive to add content directly from your Laptop.
  8. Setting Up Web Interface.
  9. Adding Addons Such As Yahoo Weather , Netflix , Music etc .. Oops, Did I miss out YouTube ? Well The most important , We’ll add Youtube As well.
  10. Setting Up a Common Media Server for All Your Files .


















Well , Thats It for today . Hope you found this interesting. Within a week all these links will be active and you will be able to setup your own media center.

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