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Complete Home Media Center Using Raspberry Pi – Part 4

Adding Speakers or External Sound Source For Better Experience.

Hello Everybody ,

Welcome to the Forth Part of Complete Home Media Center Using Raspberry Pi .

So today we are going to add speakers to Our Home Media Center.

So as you could see that I have used a USB Hub which is connected to Pi through a external power source. This hub has its own power and it doesnt drain it from Pi. So using this we could power up our USB Based speakers.

Now we have two options . Either to connect the speakers directly to Pi or Connect The Pi to Television and then connect the speakers to the TV. Through AUX OUT port. This way we could have a better sound quality .

If you want to use A External Sound Source Directly from Pi as well as through your HDMI Connection to T.V . You could Turn it ON using the default setting of OSMC.

If you are interested in knowing how to stream audio to a bluetooth speaker. Please let me know below . 🙂

Stay Tuned .. Thank You !!



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