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Complete Home Media Center Using Raspberry Pi – Part 2.

Hello Everybody ,

Welcome to the Second Part of Complete Home Media Center Using Raspberry Pi .

So today we are going to get all the items which are required for an Ideal Home Media Center Using Raspberry Pi and OSMC. (KODI).

Inorder to get your Media Center Up And Running You need the following items -:

1.) Raspberry Pi 

Raspberry Pi

Well , I would suggest you to use a Raspberry Pi 3 as it gave me better results as compared to my other models of Pi which were Pi Model B and Pi2. The Pi3 board is powered by a smartphone processor capable of performing 10 times faster than that of the Pi 1 and around 50 percent better than that of the Pi 2.

The Pi 3 uses the same VideoCore IV multimedia processor as the Pi 2 but is clocked at 400MHz, faster the 250 MHz processor in the Pi 2.

Pi 3 Also has onboard WiFi , Which allows you to stream content without any External WiFi Adapter.

If you are from India, I would strongly suggest you to purchase your Pi 3 from RS Delivers, As they are Authorized Raspberry Pi Seller and are available for the lowest price. You can Buy it here.

2.) SD Card – Any Micro SD card , Atleast 8GB. I would suggest using a class 10 SD Card.

Please note that many users report issues with various memory cards, so be sure to get asupported SD card. When I got my first Raspberry Pi Model B, I tested 3 cards before I found one that worked properly with the operating system.

You can get a standard micro SD card with many Raspberry Pi 2 bundles, but they may be low quality and do not necessarily last very long.

If you want to increase the longevity of the memory card, I recommend getting a separate micro SD card that comes with wear levelling. Only the more expensive micro SD cards come with wear levelling, which means that the card will try to spread wear out over the whole disk instead of writing and reading the same spot on the disk all the time.

I would also recommend getting a card with at least 8GB storage as more space increases the longevity of the card by having more space for wear levelling.

3.) Ethernet Cable – Required for Pi 2. and below models.

4.) HDMI Cable – For Connecting Raspberry Pi with Monitor or HD Television.

5.) Micro USB Power Adapter or atleast Micro USB Cable. –  

The RPi does not come with a power adapter, so you will also need to get a supported power adapter. Be sure to get a good quality power adapter as those cheap ones that come together with many Raspberry Pi bundles may not work properly.

For example, I had problems with a Flirc remote companion adapter when using a cheap power adapter. I got erratic key presses with the Flirc when using a power adapter that came together with the Raspberry Pi model B+ bundle. When I plugged the RPi into my TV’s USB slot or used my iPad’s power supply, the problems were resolved.

6.) A Pen Drive Or HDD To Add Your Content.

7.) Working Internet Connection.

8.) A USB Hub [Suggested]

9.) USB Keyboard or Mouse.

10.) Raspberry Pi Case With Cooling Fan – Nowadays, there are a lot of commercial cases to choose from that you can buy online. I have used this case. This comes with fan and is’int costly as well.










Well , Thats all. This was the list of items required . In next part we’ll download and install OSMC On Raspberry Pi.

Stay Tuned. Thank You !

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