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Apple Car – The Apple’s electric vehicle project – All You Want To Know


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When talking about technology in the future . The first thing that comes to our mind is about Communication . How cool communication could be . So the answer is here. The Apple And Google Are working on Driver Less Car Projects.  Lets see about it –
Over the past several months, questions surrounding the so-called Apple Car have switched from “Will they or won’t they?” to “When will it show up?” and “What will it look like?” Despite the company’s secretive ways (or perhaps because of them), the rumor mill is working overtime for this particular project, and all signs point to the vehicle touching down sometime in the next half decade. 
The Apple Car is what the media has taken to calling the electric car project that’s rumored to be in development at Apple under the code name “Project Titan.”
Apple is said to have hundreds of employees working on creating an electric vehicle at a secret location near its Cupertino headquarters. Little is known about the car, but sources have suggested it may resemble a minivan. The car may or may not include self-driving technology — rumors have thus far disagreed on this point, but the latest news suggests the first version will not be autonomous.
The Apple Car is in the early stages of development, and Apple is still in the process of recruiting people for the project and meeting with car makers and automotive suppliers. The project is being led by Steve Zadesky, VP of Product Design, who has Cook’s permission to recruit thousands employees, many from within Apple.
Apple has also been searching for a place in the area where it can begin testing vehicle prototypes, another signal that suggests Apple’s interest in cars is serious.
We don’t know what the Apple Car will look like, but based on Apple’s existing product line and its desire to expand iOS beyond the iPhone and the iPad, we can assume that any Apple-produced car will integrate deeply with the iPhone.

Apple Car History

In early February, a mysterious van leased to Apple was spotted driving around Bay Area streets. The van had a camera rig attached to it with multiple cameras, leading to speculation that Apple was using it to develop a product similar to Google Street View. More outlandish speculation ranged towards the possibility of a self-driving vehicle, but it was later determined that the vans have drivers.

Just days after the van was first spotted, an Apple employee emailedBusiness Insider, suggesting Apple was working on a project that would “give Tesla a run for its money.” The source said that Tesla employees were “jumping ship” to work on a project at Apple that was “too exciting to pass up.”

That tantalizing hint led several media sites to dig deep into Apple’s plans, and in mid-February, Financial Times learned that Apple was recruiting automotive technology and vehicle design experts to work in a “top-secret research lab.” That piece highlighted Apple’s hiring of former Mercedes-Benz Research and Development exec Johann Jungwirth, and pointed out Apple’s efforts to research automotive products.


There’s been some disagreement between rumors as to whether the Apple Car will be an autonomous vehicle. Bloomberg has suggested Apple could include self-driving capabilities in the Apple Car, while multiple reports from The Wall Street Journal‘s suggest that will not be the case.

Instead, The Wall Street Journal says that Apple is exploring the functionality and that it could come in a later version of the Apple Car, which lines up with inquiries Apple has made into autonomous vehicle laws and its recent hires.

Apple has been hiring multiple employees with experience in autonomous and connected vehicles, and it recently met with California DMV officials to discuss the laws and regulations surrounding self-driving vehicles in the state.

Though it’s currently looking like the first version of the Apple Car may not include self-driving features, it is clearly an area that Apple is exploring as work on the Apple Car project progresses.

Release Date

Apple often works on projects that never make it to market, so there’s a good chance that its car plans could be shelved or used in other ways, such as the development of a new in-car platform, but it’s also possible, given the size of the team, that the company is committed to bringing a car to market. At this early stage, it’s impossible to determine whether the project will continue or when a car might launch, but it’s safe to say that an Apple Car is unlikely to see a release for several years to come.

According to one rumor, Apple is said to be pushing for a 2020 production date for the car, launching it after a five-year development period.

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